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Vending Machines for Your Business

Give your staff and clients the perfect snack with drink and food Vending Machines perfect for your office, warehouse, factory or education facility.





How it Works

PaK Vending provides the vending machine free of charge, the site provides the power to operate the machine.
Our machines are fully serviced, maintained and monitored with remote management technology to ensure your staff and clients always have access to food and snacks.


Service & Support

We provide 7 days a week call out service with the majority of issues attended to within hours.


POS Technology

All our machines come available with Tap & Go payment options, including apple and android pay, as well as traditional cash transactions.


Remote Monitoring

We leverage remotemonitoring technology to ensure our machines are always correctly stocked.


Right Products

We liaise with all our customer to ensure we’re offering suitable products that meet their needs – including healthier options.

PakVending Machines
Our Business

A family business founded in 2009, PaK Vending employs local people with a demonstrated history of delivering premium service levels as a professional drink and snack vending operation.

As part of a leading industry group of operators we ensure industry best practice is followed across all our sites, big and small.

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