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Commonly Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost to have one of your machines?
    • No cost – PaK Vending provides the machine free of charge. The site provides the power to operate the machine.
  • Can we have a share of the profits?
    • Yes, there are commission arrangements available.
  • What happens if the machine breaks down?
    • PaK Vending contact details are clearly marked on all machines. Simply call us and someone will typically be out to evaluate the machine within hours.
  • Are we able to select what products are available in the machines?
    • Yes, we provide information regarding popular lines, and available products. It is in our best interest to provide products the consumer will purchase.
  • Do you have digital payment methods available?
    • Yes, all our machines come available with Tap & Go payment options, including apple and android pay, as well as traditional cash transactions.
  • Do you have the ability to accommodate unique product requests?
    • Yes, provided a product can be sourced and a viable level of turnover is achievable.
  • Do you only operate in the Lismore region?
    • We are centrally located in Lismore, but operate across the Northern Rivers region from Evans Head up to Brunswick Heads. In saying that, we take all requests into consideration within reason.

Our machines are fully serviced, maintained and monitored with remote management technology to ensure your staff and clients always have access to food and snacks